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Toshiba - MK1652GSX - - 160 GB - G002217A

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Toshiba - MK1652GSX - - - 160 GB - G002217A

Date Code: n/a

Firmware: n/a

PCB: G002217A
Hard disk condition

Condition: "Disk OK"

Articlenumber: E20000054
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model: MK1652GSX
Productnumber: -
Date Code: n/a
Firmware: n/a
PCB: G002217A
Interface: SATA
DCM: n/a
MLC: n/a
Form factor: 2,5"
Size: 160 GB
Serialnumber: 39FCFU43S
Type: "Full Hard drive"


For the condition of the drive please check product images (S.M.A.R.T values and Mediascan)

For a successful PCB Exchange, you have to swap the BIOS ROM Chip. (there are a lot tutorials on Youtube)

If you like to change Heads of the faulty drive - you need a cleanroom to work in a dustfree environment to avoid Head crashes. - we recommend to hire us or an other data recovery company.

If you have questions according the disk (or need a SA - Service Area File), feel free to contact us via E-Mail  or use the contact form.

You also can hire us for a full data recovery service - just use the Mail or Contact form from above.

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